Peter Kaňuch

Research interests
Evolutionary and behavioural ecology
Population genetics and phylogeography
Bats and bush-crickets

Recently published
Social structure in Nyctalus leisleri
Disjunct distribution of Pholidoptera frivaldszkyi
Responses of attic-dwelling bat species to landscape naturalness
Roost switching, swarming and group cohesion in tree-dwelling bats
Roost site selection in tree-dwelling bats (review)
Environment and mating frequency of nuptial gift-giving bush-cricket
Heart-nosed bat and phylogeny of Megadermatidae
Genetics and phenotype of relict Pholidoptera frivaldskyi
Rapid genetic diversity regain in successful colonizer
Females receiving smaller ejaculates have higher mating rate
Colonization of northern Europe by Metrioptera roeselii

List of papers

Inst Forest Ecol, Slovak Acad Sci Inst Biol Ecol, PJ Šafárik Uni
Ľ. Štúra 2, SK-960 53 Zvolen Moyzesova 11, SK-040 01 Košice