Peter Kaňuch, PhD.

I'm a researcher, interested in evolutionary and behavioural ecology. My favourite study objects are tree-dwelling bats and bush-crickets.

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Here are my current projects:

This work is developed mainly thanks to my fellows from EBE Research Group.

Swarming behaviour

Interdisciplinary study on algorithm of collective intelligence in bats

Sexual conflict

Evolution of mating behaviour in nuptial gift-giving invertebrates

The bird-eater

Ecology of the giant noctule in the Western Carpathians

Here are some papers I co-authored recently:

Full list of my publications is a mixture of various topics.

Front Ecol Evol

Parapatric genetic lineages persist in introduced bush-cricket


Gene flow relates to evolutionary divergence at the range margin

Scientific Reports

An agent-based algorithm resembles fission–fusion behaviour of bats

Mammalian Biology

Geographic origin of pipistrelles swarming at a mass hibernaculum

Institute of Forest Ecology, Slovak Academy of Sciences
Institute of Biology and Ecology, P. J. Šafárik University

N.B. I'm not user of social networks.