Cooperation and partnerships

Bat research in Slovakia is traditionally connected with the experts from the Czech Republic and Moravia from the Czech society for bat protection. This cooperation continues and currently we implement a project “Support of the European cooperation in the bat protection” together with the Coordination point for the bat protection in Thüringen, Germany.  (Koordinationstelle für Fledermausschutz in Thüringen).

SON cooperates also with the State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic, mainly in providing data for the project NATURA 2000 and for Monitoring System Biota.

SON has a long-term fruitful cooperation with the Slovak Caves Administration; in selected caves we perform bat monitoring.

In case of monitoring of hibernation places which are in extreme locations we collaborate with the members of local units of the Slovak speleological society.

We cooperate also with active local organization for bat protection such as Miniopterus and SEO Bambi.

Česká společnost pro ochranu netopýru/ Czech Bat Conservation Society

Koordinationsstelle für Fledermausschutz in Thüringen/ Coordination point for the bat protection in Thüringen

Štátna ochrana prírody Slovenskej republiky/ State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic

Správa slovenských jaskýň/ Slovak Caves Administration