Who we are

Slovak Bat Conservation Society (SON) is a civic association with focus on the protection and research of bats in Slovakia. Members of the SON are professional zoologists, nature conservationists, students, speleologists and enthusiasts of different professions and age. Simply those who are interested in bats and are willingly to contribute to their protection and to the public awareness raising on the importance of their conservation. Nowadays we have 61 members and we are open to collaboration with other enthusiasts and organizations.  
Our organization was established in 1993 genuinely for the purpose of bats counting on the hibernation sites. Since then, we extended our activities by monitoring of summer (attic) colonies, practical bats protection, edition of publications and awareness raising. We aim at adaption and securing of the entries of caves and other underground entries, cleaning and maintenance of the attics with the occurrence of numerous colonies.   Often we deal with problems of the occurrence of bats in panel houses. We also place the bat boxes in woods.
We are partners for the State Authorities regarding the protection of bats and their biotopes. We are member of the international organization BatLife Europe.
As regards environmental education, we regularly organize an event European Bat Night under the auspices of the Secretary of the International Agreement on the Conservation of Populations of European Bats or other lectures for children and public.
We issue also diverse information leaflets, professional magazine Vespertilio and other publications.