Scientific periodical Vespertilio
Vespertilio is an international chiropterological journal issued by the Czech Bat Conservation Society (ČESON) and Slovak Society for Bat Conservation  (SON) as follow-up of the Journal Bats (Netopiere No1/1995). There are published articles in Czech, Slovak, Polish and English language – origin articles, briefs, overviews, bibliographies, reviews and other works.

Particular fulltext articles you may download in .pdf format as for years:

Scientific periodical Lynx

Reviewed Journal Lynx publishes articles in a broad spectrum of mammalogical research. Our members often publish their work in field of chiropterology in this Journal. Since 1959 brings articles in Czech, Slovak and English language. The Journal is listed in the EBSCO database, is issued by the National museum (Czech Republic) and the Head Editor is Petr Benda.

The scientific articles are available in the electronic archive on the webpage of the National museum